European Weekend

European Weekend! 11. – 13. September 2015, Kocsér (Hungary), Vértesszőlős (Hungary), Örkény (Hungary)


- Care for the future of Europe

- Increasing interest of the EU citizens in the democratic life of the EU

- Putting emphasis on culture as an element connecting nations

- Volunteering and its impacts

- Building long-run friendships

Activity plan


- Addressing the guests from abroad and meeting with the official representatives,

exchange of experiences, assessment of the positive as well as the negative aspects of the membership

- Exhibitions opening

- Youth creates the future for Europe

- Theatrical performance

- Dvory fair

- Parade through the village

- Senior gentlemen's football tournament, amateur tennis tournament

- Children's and youth folklore groups show

- Goulash cooking competition

- Performance of choirs and dance group

- Parliament of the seniors

- Musical performance

- Charity ball

- Ecumenical service in Slovak language and Hungarian language

- Festive lunch in Sunday

- Adults in the EU

- Children's, senior's, and adult's workshops conclusion

- Preparation of packages

- Event conclusion